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Launch Into the Future With AMFP!

Published on 9/14/2022

Welcome to the future of AMFP!

AMFP is focused on advancing the future of the healthcare built environment. The qualities that make our organization truly different are grounded in the impact AMFP wants to create – on its members, community, profession, and the world.

AMFP stands out among other similar organizations because it brings together all aspects of the healthcare built environment and beyond. What’s more, it brings together all people involved in the healthcare built environment.

Last fall, the National board undertook a strategic planning effort to assess our position, understand what makes us different, look ahead to what could be, and identify the actions and resources needed to support this vision. Three key strategic initiatives were identified, representing the foundation of the future of AMFP and drove the decision to reimagine AMFP’s mission and visual identity.

Today, we are excited to share these initiatives, along with our new mission and visual identity!

AMFP's Strategic Initiatives

  • Defining AMFP’s structure and functionality to support further growth as a viable, impactful national organization. This includes defining board roles and expectations, adding resources to the national structure, and providing resources to support how AMFP national communicates and supports our chapters.
  • Creating a framework for AMFP to serve our members by supporting our existing chapters and providing an environment for each chapter to grow and flourish. We also want to identify opportunities to establish and grow new chapters in areas with an active and engaged healthcare built environment community that Is able to support long-term success. Sponsorships and income through both memberships and non-member revenue, on both the national and chapter levels, will fund the resources needed to support existing and new chapters.
  • Understanding and leaning into how AMFP serves the healthcare community by providing an environment conducive to the open exchange of ideas. We are stronger when all voices are present and diverse perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints are shared and considered. We are committed to providing equitable opportunities to engage, grow, connect, and lead.

AMFP's Mission

To be the hub where healthcare built environment leaders share ideas, gain knowledge, solve challenges, connect with peers, and shape the future of the industry.

AMFP’s Visual Identity

Our new visual identity is fully aligned with who AMFP is. It balances the credibility and confidence of an established, leading organization while remaining open, progressive, and fresh.

Now is the time to engage as an AMFP volunteer or become a sponsor in support of national and chapter programs. If you are not currently a member, join us today to join AMFP! Your engagement is your opportunity to have an even greater impact on the future of the healthcare built environment.

Want to learn more about AMFP? If you’re interested in volunteering, joining AMFP, or becoming a sponsor, contact!

This is an exciting time for AMFP, and we look forward to working with you to shape the future of the healthcare built environment.