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Modified Dues Rate Scheduled for Strategic Partners, Students, Feb. 1

AMFP | Published on 12/31/2021

As a start-up organization launched in 2019 one year prior to the pandemic, AMFP has operated as a lean organization, keeping expenses and membership fees extraordinarily low for all members. Although AMFP during the past three years has doubled in size to ten chapters nationwide, income has not increased proportionately, and this continues to limit our deliverables and capacity for growth.

Representatives from the national and chapter boards of AMFP met for a strategic planning session in October during the HCD Conference in Cleveland to outline what we need to do to continue to grow the organization. Collectively, they determined we need to modify the dues’ structure.

Effective Feb. 1, 2022, the membership fees for AMFP Strategic Partners will increase from $95 to $195. Student dues will decrease from $40 to $20. Other membership classifications remain at their current rate. The definitions of each membership category can be viewed on our website here.

"We were pleased and encouraged to have reached this collaborative decision with the support of the chapters and we look forward to new and greater possibilities on behalf of AMFP and its members," said Jeffrey Kent, AMFP National President.