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Health System Execs Want Their Teams to Think Creatively in COVID Response

AMFP | Published on 7/29/2020

C-Suite Execs Reveal Insight in Premiere 1 Hour News Show

COVID-19 isn’t the first disaster the healthcare industry has faced, nor will it be the last but, as Dr. Charisse Oland of Oland Consulting put it during the premiere episode of 1 Hour, it has highlighted the role good communication plays in getting through a crisis.

Dr. Oland was part of the news show’s robust panel discussing “Moving Forward While Grappling with COVID-19.” The show was the first of an ongoing series, presented by with support from AMFP.

Dr. Oland noted that h
ealthcare providers can help their CEOs work through this crisis by being part of the solution-building team and thinking innovatively of how to remove barriers.

In an interview by Eileen McMorrow, Editor in Chief, The McMorrow Reports, Brian Weldy, Vice President Facilities and Engineering, HCA Healthcare added that this is an opportunity for FM
professionals to demonstrate relevancy to the organization through the response effort. “The response phase is the time to be flexible and innovative. Your leadership team is looking for you to be a proactive, resilient member of the team,” he commented. “Now is the time for creative thinking.”

By way of example, Weldy suggested FMs begin looking at ways to perform tasks more cost-effectively and reallocate staff for greater efficiency to support future resiliency.

Oland, Weldy and Mike Wood, National Director of Construction, Medxcel, and Immediate Past President of AMFP, also agreed that now is the time to begin planning for a resurgence. The experts advised checking in with maintenance teams, plugging in with the C-suite, and listening to clinicians to get everyone on the same page in terms of identifying today’s needs and addressing future challenges.

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